Good Vibrations Energy Clinic

Emotional Clearing Counselor and Energy Healer

Our Mission is to promote the overall health of humanity by increasing awareness of ones true self

Unveiling ones true self  alleviates the emotional turmoil that results in

Stress – Unfulfilled Lives –  Disease

Good Vibrations Energy Clinic elevates people to fill the measure of their creative capacity and to enjoy their intended abundance.

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Holistic Healing

Heal Your Emotions

Heal Your Life

Good Vibrations Energy Clinic techniques including

Emotional Cleansing and Education
Energy Field Clearing
Nutrition Testing

    We offer group and individual sessions a complete database of articles, webinars, and audio podcasts. Available to stimulate divine desire in an energetic, enthusiastic but most of all a Loving Way.


    Energy Medicine

    Raise Your Energy

    Attract Your Dreams

    Life can easily become overwhelming even to those with the best of intentions to live one day at a time.

    The center offers holistic treatment for mental programming because there is an association between our mental state and dis-ease.

    Mental programming sessions are available to achieve:

    Couples Communication

    Love Effectively!

    Find help and healing in your relationship or learn to make a good relationship fantastic.

    Whether attracting the love of your life or keeping your true love manifest the relationship you desire.

    Learn how to attract the love of your life, healthy partners, how to move on after a breakup and when and how to let go of past relationships

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