The 10 steps to Prosperous Living

By Janeen J. Detrick

  1. Acknowledge the past, then let it go; You needed what it taught you! Remember: The past happened ONE MOMENT ago!
  2. Paperwork handling: Do it, Delete it, or delegate it! OHIO: ONLY HANDLE IT ONCE!
  3. Complete all assignments and agreements. Go back and apologize and make restitution if necessary, so you have a clear conscience!
  4. List 100 successes!  “I learned to walk” I graduated kindergarten the class favorite., etc.
  5. Acknowledge each and every success all along the way in your life, then ASK someone else to notice it and acknowledge it!
  6. Send your supervisor a list every month of all the things you’ve accomplished for and in behalf of the company!  If you don’t, they won’t know!
  7. Implement a time management system; I suggest the “Six Most Important Things To Do Today List” system which also includes using a planner and a list of ideas that are “little rocks”.
  8. Catch other people doing something right, and tell them that you appreciate that about them!  Do this at least three times per day.
  9. Do what you MUST while you build what you love. “Maturity is experiencing your duty as your delight.” Quote from Jill Buck, Janeen’s Mom.
  10. Make your wealth building automatic by scheduling 10% of your income automatically deposited into an investment instrument with compounding interest, set your bills to autopay, schedule automatic extra payments to your mortgage and live in a home that is easily affordable to you now (keep it as a rental after it’s free and clear, then you will have a paid off retirement home!), and pay cash only as much as is possible! (Reference David Bach’s book, The Automatic Millionaire.)



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