Janeen Detrick’s BIO

Janeen Detrick is a Personal Development Coach through Prosper, Inc., in Provo, Utah, where she helps people all over the world to clear their blocks so they can create miracles in their lives!  She has a 30 year career as a real estate investor and real estate broker. Janeen studied theology at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri, and received her Bachelor and Master of Sciences degrees through the University of Metaphysical Sciences. She obtained her Doctorate through Minnesota University’s School of Metaphysical Sciences, earning her PhD in Transpersonal Counseling. Magnifying her gifts of teaching and healing, Janeen owns Good Vibrations Energy Clinic, LLC., where she utilizes her training in a myriad of holistic healing modalities through distance healing sessions with clients internationally.


Energy Medicine modalities Janeen has mastered and implements through her healing practice include:

Quantum Touch, The “Laying On Of Hands” Blessing , Quantum Healing, Meridian Clearing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Homeopathy, Healing Gemstones as Medicine, Ayurveda,  Nutritive Emotional Clearing, Biofeedback, Essential Oils, Theta Healing, Theta Yogic Breathing, Reiki, Flower Remedies, and Perspective Flipping for Emotional Clearing.  Janeen has pioneered clearing processes to overcome limiting beliefs of every kind, and is a specialist in clearing blocks about money!

A sought after speaker and spiritual teacher, Janeen can be contacted through her website at www.GoodVibrationsEnergyClinic.com, or at her email:janeen@goodvibesclinic.com


Feeling Overwhelmed is always a symptom of not being in the moment.  Your body is HERE, but your mind is thinking about something else that you “get” to do!


Good Vibrations Energy Clinic Missions is to promote the overall health of humanity by increasing awareness of ones true self

Understanding ones true self alleviates the emotional turmoil that results in stress, unfulfilled lives and eventually disease. Good Vibrations Energy Clinic goal is to elevate people to fill the measure of their creative capacity and to enjoy their intended abundance.


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