“Fix it in Your Energy Field And it Will Fix it in You”


Good Vibes Energy Clinic offers programs and individual consultations for awakening the mind. We promote the overall health of humanity by increasing awareness of ones true self.


If you are not experiencing all of the abundance you desire in your life,

…then you may have emotional blocks.


Clear Your Mind To Healing

These emotional blocks are blocks to our positive energy flow, we are unable to manifest or attract the success we desire in some or all parts of our lives.

Incredible benefits arise when you understand your “True Self”. Reduced Stress, more fullfilling life and relationships, healthier body, mind soul.

These blocks my be conscious or unconscious, either way resulting in a negative energy field. This negative energy field communicates the source of your core issues.

It is through your energy field that they can be cleared!!!!!!!!!

Good Vibrations Energy Clinic teaches you how to elevate your capacity and fullfill your life’s calling, enjoying intended abundance and truely manifesting the laws of attraction (CTA)

Healing Courses

Group and Individual Facilitation in the following fields; Emotional Cleansing Energy Field Clearing (Balancing Chakras) Relationship Healing Eliminate Negative Energy Manifestation Techniques

Optimal state of mind is a result of thinking positively and accepting “what is”

Emotional HealingEmotional Healing

Energy MedicineEnergy Field Clearing

Manifesting Love Relationship Healing Chakra Healing StonesChakra Balancing Manifestation Technique