Our first session, whether it is coaching/mentoring over the phone or skype, is $150, and is one and a half hours. You will be given homework to complete prior to the session, which you will email to me just prior to the session. It will bring you into awareness of your TRUE self, and take your life into your greatness! Every session thereafter is only $75.00, and is about an hour.

If you are choosing to experience the dynamic shifting of your energy field’s current programming, so that you aren’t having to fight against your energy field in order to transform your life, then Energy Medicine is for you! The first Energy Medicine session is also $150., requiring one and a half hours, and each session thereafter is also only $75., and is about an hour. Energy Medicine can also completely and fully as effectively be done through skype! The energy field is not restricted by time or space, and you will both feel and experience the results just as dynamically!

For both of these services, Mentoring/coaching and/or Energy Medicine, you will be required to give me your email address, and I will email you a Disclosure/Disclaimer, which you must read, scan, sign, and send back to me PRIOR to our first session. If the session will be live and in person, you may bring it to me when you arrive. If you have not signed the Disclosure/Disclaimer, or at the very least acknowledged in a return email that you’ve read it, agree to it, and will bring it to me when you arrive for our appointment, then services will not be rendered. It is required by state law. Thank you for your understanding!


Additionally, I conduct workshops on many enriching, transformative subjects!  See the schedule of upcoming classes at www.iaolw.com

IF YOU feel you cannot afford my services:

Part of what my services will do for life is to eliminate your limiting beleifs about money!

• You give your time, energy, attention, education, skills, and experience in exchange for money from your employer or clients. These are the same things that I offer you in the mentoring and Energy Medicine Practitioner relationship and, like you, I do not offer them for free.

• Since money is YOU, converted into another form, where you spend your MONEY IS WHERE YOU INVEST YOURSELF. If you do not want to pay for my services then you are not invested in what mentoring and/or Energy Medicine has to offer to you.
• You automatically spend your limited resources (time, energy, money) on what you value. If you feel that you want mentoring and/or Energy Medicine, but you think that you cannot afford my fee, then look at where you spend your disposable income (what is left over after paying for necessities like shelter, food, transportation, medicine, etc.) and see where you can cut back to pay for my services. If you do not want to cut back on any of your luxuries, interests, hobbies, or forms of entertainment for the great benefits you’ll experience from my services, then you do not really value it and you would not get much out of it!
• If you are a retiree or are disabled and on a limited, fixed income that truly does not allow for much disposable income I will work with you at a reduced fee. Please be honest with me about your financial situation. The mentoring an/or Energy Medicine relationship will not work without honesty.
• If you are currently unemployed or underemployed and cannot pay for mentoring and/or Energy Medicine Sessions, then it is not the appropriate time for you to invest in a our relationship. I will be happy to work with you when you have the income to pay for my services.
With Great Love, and for your Highest Good,
Rev. Dr. Janeen J. Detrick

janeen@goodvibesclinic.com and/or text me at 801-369-8995

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