Good Vibrations Energy Clinic Provides a series of healing courses to increase the positive energy in your life allowing you to manifest the abundance in you life you seek and deserve. Put the laws of attraction into place with these energy courses

Web based Courses – One on One Phone Coaching – Group Phone Coaching Calls.

Course Topics

• encouraging positivity to enhance energies
• clearing limiting beliefs
• teaching success paradigms
• brainstorming outside the norm
• guiding to identify and follow passions
• developing goals to achieve dreams
• developing mental energy consciousness

Additional Web Based Seminars Courses and One to One Facilitation

  • Introduction To Energy Medicine
  • The Science Behind The Law of Attraction
  • Healing Gemstones
  • Living The Universal Laws
  • Energy Medicine For Metabolic Control (Weight Loss!)
  • Creating The Life You Want!
  • Discovering What You Want
  • Re-Programming Your Sub-conscious Mind
  • To Serve You or NOT Serve You; THAT is the Question! Challenging Limiting Beliefs
  • Time Management
  • Energy Medicine To Increase Your Stamina!
  • Energy Medicine Techniques For Various Ailments (dyslexia, diabetes,fibromyalgia, head aches, back aches, hyper activity;